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Let me explain the white Attorney in Christ seal. By faith alone I received eternal life as a free gift from Jesus Christ. I strive to glorify Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A.Him in all that I do, including my law practice. In my life, I fall short of that goal at times, but I press on. God does not discriminate against people because of their race, faith, age, gender or any other factor. He loves everyone and offers the free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. I enjoy praying with clients of like faith, and seeking God’s help in all that we do. Because God does not discriminate in His love, I do not discriminate in my legal practice. I answer my own telephone at 321.237.2869 and welcome your call. Probate Attorney │+Personal Legal Care+

Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums │ 32937


Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. dedicates this website to Florida Condominium Law. I have listed below some common problems with condominiums. If you have owned or resided in a condominium for any length of time, then you may have experienced some of these problems. I have only listed a few broad categories of issues. Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums │ 32937

Condominium Owners. Owner often face issues regarding the covenants, rules and regulations controlling the condominium. Sometimes common elements and limited common elements can cause disputes that may require legal action to resolve.

Condominium Rentals. Owners often have an interest in renting out their units for different time periods. Florida law controls different aspects of condominium rentals, and often taxes must be collected and paid. At times, the tenants may have demands, injuries, or cause problems with other occupants and owners.

Condominium Boards. The members of a condominium board have important fiduciary duties. Those duties may cause conflicts of interest at times. At other times, board members may not act properly. If condominium board members do not act lawfully, then Florida law provides remedies for dealing with such actions.

Condominium Financial Issues. The condominium finances often present serious challenges. Keeping sufficient funds on hand to meet short-term and long-term needs may pose serious issues. Plus, roofs must be repaired or replaced, walls painted, elevators serviced, and special assessments levied and collected. Contracting out repair work may also give rise to serious disputes both within the condominium association and with people hired to do the work.

Casualty Damage. Damages caused by hot water heaters leaking, dishwasher hoses busting, tubs overflowing and other water problems may constitute casualty damages.  While undertaking repairs, workers may cause incidental damage to units. Furthermore, mold may be a big problem.  In all these cases, complex issues may arise concerning who pays for what costs. Insurance claims also play a big part in resolving many disputes, because of certain mandatory obligations and deductibles for covered events.

Unpaid Assessments and Liens. If owners do not pay condominium assessments timely, then the association has lien rights to force compliance or sale of the unit. But many factors play into the decisions of all parties regarding the collection and payment of debts.

Discrimination and Disabilities. Florida and Federal laws form an intricate network of compliance issues for some condominium situations. Anything from accommodating special animals and providing access for everyone to public areas may pose serious challenges. In fact, renting units may also cause problems. At times, the Fair Housing Act can have large impacts on condominium practices. Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums │ 32937

I have seen many other problems with condominiums. Each case requires careful and attention and the condominium board must be careful to comply with applicable Florida and federal laws. Those challenges can be quite daunting at times. Time and patience, with attention to detail, can make a big difference.


Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A., located at 1360 S. Patrick Drive, Suite 1A, Satellite Beach, Florida 32937, provides condominium legal services for condominium residents and condominium associations in: 32937 Satellite Beach │  32901 Melbourne │32909, 32905 Palm Bay │ 32955 Rockledge │32937 Indian Harbour Beach │ 32903  Indialantic  │32950 Melbourne Beach │ Brevard County │Space Coast.

Condominium Associations

Attorney Herbert Allen provides legal services to condominium associations.  If you have problems with unit owners, or need extensive repairs, or have other legal matters requiring assistance, please give me a call. I have experience with condominium associations. I answer my own telephone and invite you to call me at 321.237.2869 if you have questions about managing your condominium associations. Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums │ 32937

Condominium Boards

Attorney Herbert Allen also provides legal services to condominium boards.  The duties and obligations of condominium boards may be found in the Florida Statutes, administrative rules,  and condominium declarations. If you need help with your condominium board, please give me a call.  The State of Florida has some programs available to help residents hold their condominium boards accountable, but they require careful review and study to see how they apply to any particular situation.  If you have had problems with your condominium unit, or have found your condominium board acted improperly or unlawfully, of if you have other condominium legal issues, please call me at 321.237.2869.  I answer my own telephone and invite your call.  Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums │ 32937


Attorney Herbert Allen has experience in foreclosures.  If your condominium association has units that have not paid their debts to the condominium association, then you may have the need for legal services to collect those debts.  I may also be able to help you collect any funds that may be due to your condominium association.  I answer my on telephone at 321.237.2869 and invite your questions regarding condominium law. Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums

Condominium Liens and Assessments

Attorney Herbert Allen has experience enforcing and defending against claims by condominium associations regarding condominium liens and assessments.  If your condominium association has imposed a lien or assessment you seek to contest, then please give me a call.  Likewise, if your condominium association needs help in collecting unpaid assessments or judgments, please contact me. I answer my own telephone and look forward to hearing from you. Condo Attorney │ Common Problems with Florida Condominiums

Florida Condominium Law

Welcome to Florida condominium law. I have experience with Condominium owners, boards, liens, rental disputes, fiduciary problems, contracts, insurance and other other issues commonly faced by condominiums. In some instances, people come to see me after some very serious things have happened that may have been avoided throught careful legal planning or prevention. Taking time to obtain legal advice may save more time later and avoid serious condominium problems. I have included some condominium information here, but do not rely upon anything on this website as legal advice. The law changes frequently and this website does not .

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I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and welcome your call. I do not provide legal advice during the free consultation, but we can discuss your concerns.

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. dedicates this website to Florida Condominium Law.

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